You deserve to feel like yourself again, now.

Let’s get you back into the driver’s seat when it comes to your mental health.

Because… if we’re being honest, doesn’t it feel not-so-great to rely on doctors and professionals who aren’t helping you fully get the results you want to see?

The good news is… the days of a one-size-fits-all “solution” are over, so that is NOT something you have to put up with any longer!

I am not here to give you any more cookie-cutter solutions, but to instead be your partner and guide on your journey to your healthiest, happiest you.

Together we will work to unearth the root cause of your issues (using diet and lifestyle analysis, and functional medicine labs), and I will teach you how to harness the powers of personalized nutrition and mindfulness to regain control of your mental health.

What I’ve learned and implemented in my own life over the last five years has compounded to get me to the happy, healthy, medication-free girl that I am today.

These changes are exactly what I want to help YOU make, too! Only, let’s ditch the “five years” part– let’s get you on a much more accelerated timeline.

If you're tired of:

Picture, future you:

So, how can I help you go from spiraling to thriving?

After going through my own mental health journey, I worked as a registered dietitian for 2.5 years at a mental health company offering nutrition, yoga, and fitness services.

I got to share what I’d learned – and the same changes I had implemented and observed in myself over time were the same changes that I observed among my clients.

Truthfully, I used much more evidence-based approaches with my clients than I had with myself. In retrospect, I wish I’d known to use them for myself, as my clients were able to see results much sooner (hindsight, ya know?).

One of the more transformative lifestyle changes that I made was beginning a daily yoga practice. Its impacts were so profound that I eventually underwent my 200 hour yoga teacher training and started to teach.

Again, the same changes I observed within myself were the same patterns that my students reported! Picking up on anything here yet?

Between my personal and professional experiences, the bottom line always comes down to nutrition and mindfulness.

To help YOU harness the impacts of these changes and reconnect with your truest self, I package all this previous knowledge and experience into my 1:1 work with my clients!

Education & Experience

My Mission

Compassionately empower adults with anxiety and/or depression to harness the power of nutrition & mindfulness to get back into the driver’s seat of their mental health and reconnect with their truest selves.

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